The Trust was established in 1978 on the wishes of Rutland Boughton. The purposes of the Trust which has charitable status (Registered Charity Number 276012) are to achieve its three main aims:
  • To encourage and even sponsor modern recordings of his works, particularly his music dramas – The Immortal Hour, Bethlehem, Alkestis, The Queen of Cornwall and others.
  • To make scores and parts available – either because the original publisher has gone out of business, or because the works were never published in the first place.
  • To encourage performances of his works.
The current trustees are:

Natalie Campbell
Rutland’s great granddaughter and a trustee since 2011. Natalie leads on musical projects that the Trust undertakes.

Henrietta Anstey
Rutland’s great granddaughter and a trustee since 2018. Henrietta manages the Trust and charity administration.

Gregory Herbert
Rutland’s great grandson and the newest member of the trust joining in 2021. Acts as advisor to the trust projects and direction.

The Trust is assisted by a number of other family members.

External professional advisers

The Trust is also supported by the expertise of Dr Jonathan Clinch of the Royal Academy of Music as music adviser and by Peter Linnett, Head Librarian at the Royal College of Music.

The collection of hand written original scores and published materials are currently on loan as part a Special Collection to the RCM for five years (2024).